The only picture of Edinburgh. And I don’t remember any backstory. SMH

A week before the lockdown last year, my mom had a conference in London and invited me and my 5-month-old son to join her on the trip. We had both been to London before, and we wanted to go somewhere we’d never been for the week before her meetings. We settled on Edinburgh, Scotland. It was stunning, fun, awesome, and this month marks the one-year anniversary of the trip. …

If you aren’t comfortable, what’s the point?

Everyone wants to be comfortable at home. I grew up with everything I could possibly need, but I’ve always thought of comfort as something that doesn’t fit in the “need” category and isn’t worth spending for — you need to be comfortable with what you’ve got, I thought. Pregnancy, post-partum, and Xander have made me change my tune. Being satisfied with what you have is a great skill, but you also need to recognize when your discomfort starts bleeding into other areas of your life. …

Nathalie Gagnon-Joseph

Journalist turned marketer turned mom & more.

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